The album, "A False Sense of Success" contains ten songs. The songs are listed on the back cover (far right).

I originally write each song with just using my acoustic guitar and vocals. Depending on how the song sounds, I'll add additional instrumentation.

"A False Sense of Success" is the first volume of a series of at least 10 albums. I have written over 100 songs. When I record these songs, I use them based on when they were written. For example, this album includes the first song I wrote through the tenth song. When the recording process is finished, I'll complete the artwork and then have them manufactured in a packaged CD.

If you would like to order the full album, you can do so by clicking the link below. The price of the album is $4.99, which includes any taxes and shipping costs. It will be delivered to you via USPS in about one week. Payments are processed by PayPal.

"Falling for the Lie"
(Front Cover)
(CD Face)
(Back Cover)